Enery Saving Tips and Challenges

Household Energy Saving: Challenges and Tips

Energy is the source of power with which all the activities are conducted by human beings or machines in their own realms. Saving energy is an essential part of our being so that we have better way of living in the long run. Energy is essential for all kinds of activities to be conducted in our day today lives for example electricity is an energy which is used for running an air conditioner to turning on a small light in the bathroom. Thus, it is a big challenge in hand to save the energy for the better purpose and future.

The major challenges which are faced by the households in India are the rising price of power, frequent power outages in many parts of the country, not many secondary sources of energy etc. The tips to save energy are many though the challenges are few. The challenges though are small yet the effects are bad on the household as each and everything is dependent on energy.

The tips are listed below:
1. The energy in a household can be saved through switching off the electrical appliances when not in use.
2. The house can be painted in light colors to absorb more light and heat to have a brightly lit house without
lighting a bulb.
3. Usage of task lighting instead of bright lighting
4. The fans can be regulated through electronic regulators instead of conventional regulators
5. Regularly defrost the refrigerators and deep freezers for better energy usage.
6. Avoid putting hot or warm food in refrigerators.
7. Usage of washing machines needs to be in full loads and not in different loads.
8. Air Conditioners should be used on automatic temperature cut off.
9. Keep a regular check up by qualified person of the electrical equipments on regular intervals.
10. The earthing of the house needs to be checked often to avoid leakages.

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