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One Point Power Conditioning Solution

About the Company

Vertex is the pioneer in the field of manufacturing power conditioning equipment based out in Chennai. The clientele ofVertex is very strong as they provide quality products on time, custom made for their customers. With such a satisfied and happy customer base the company is headed by eminent professionals like Mr. S. Balamurugan, Managing Director and aiding him are Mr. V.J. Giri Director -Project, Mr. P.R.Prakash Director –P&D and Mr. Manjunath Kalmath Director – Sales. The company has a time tested record of being the most customer friendly organization in the field.

Situation Analysis with Vertex Product

In an organization like Reliance Fresh where they stock a lot of perishable and non perishable products a power conditioning equipment is a must. The power conditioning equipment enables to stabilize the power supply to different kinds of machines, computers and refrigerators within the shop premise. Reliance Fresh is one of the satisfied customers of Vertex power conditioning product for their outlets in Chennai. The fast situation analysis and quick decision making on solutions to be provided to the clients are the major strengths of the organization for having such a huge and loyal customer base across India.

Vertex Powers its Customers Through

Vertex through its professionally built equipments powers its customers to have stabilized and uninterrupted power supply in their work units. The products are custom made for the customers based on their needs and preferences. The available power conditioning equipments with Vertex are Servo Stabilizer –Single Phase (Air Cooled/Oil Cooled) 1kVA to 20kVA, Servo Stabilizer –Three Phase (Air Cooled/Oil Cooled) 3kVA to 150kVA, Isolation Transformer Single /Three Phase Air Cooled 1kVA to 500kVA, Constant Voltage Transformer Single Phase (Air Cooler) 500kVA- 5000kVA, UPS Single or Three Phase for commercial as well as personal use.

The online UPS by Vertex is very advantageous as it provides electrical firewall between the sensitive electrical equipment and incoming utility power and used in Banks, Hospitals, Office establishments etc.

Servo Stabilizer Three Phase- Oil Cooled is used as an equipment to prevent the dust getting ingested and the transformer oil keeps the transformer cool within the stabilizers. A small unit of Servo Stabilizer Three Phase- Oil Cooled is used by Garment, Spinning industries and bigger unit is used by Food Processing units, Commercial spaces etc. Each of them can be custom made to customer’s requirements.

Each of the power conditioning equipment by Vertex are quality assured with a professional after sales service and great customer friendly team to be associated with.

Appraisals of customers for Vertex

From being a customer friendly organization to a quality manufacturer of power conditioning equipments Vertex has earned quite a huge amount of good will with its customer from all corners. Mr. Muralidhar K.H of Nash Industries is full of praises for the quality of products delivered by Vertex at the most cost effective prices in the market. He also mentioned the professionalism that is maintained by the organization from top to bottom. He does not show any hesitation in recommending Vertex to the outside world or the world around him.

Yet another proud and a very satisfactory customer of Vertex is Mr. Vinayaka Gangavathi who is Manager- Projects with Big Basket India who has complemented the Vertex Servo Stabilizers and its after sales service and even he recommends Vertex to be used at varied levels.

Vertex has a valued customer in‘Rolastar Pvt Ltd’ – Vapi, Gujarat who are using their products in main line, CNC machines in varied plants. They are happy with the products and service provided by them.

With such a satisfied and loyal customer base Vertex is a throbbing organization which is known for its quality, perseverance to customer satisfaction and cost- effective products in the market. It is the sheer commitment of the management and employees of the organization that Vertex stands so high and proud in the kind of competition it has in the Power Conditioning market. As a manufacturing and service organization Vertex has excelled in both with the kind of recommendations it has received from its valued customers.

Vertex stands testimony to the proverb “Quality in a product or service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer or the client gets out of it” by Peter. F. Drucker. Customer service is not a work of a department but it is an attitude which an organization carries towards its valued customers like Vertex.

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