Ways to improve power quality problems

Power quality problems and ways to improve them

Power quality and reliability is the basis for the manufacture of quality products and service in the industry with best operational efficiency whether the industry is service oriented or production. The increased reliance on the power is due to the usage of more electronic equipments and digital controllers which work smoothly with good quality power supply. The need for better quality power is necessary for improving processes; avoid opportunity and revenue loss, equipment failure, electrical accidents like fire and so on so forth.

The present day digital economy is power based and without good quality power supplies the working of the computers and internet will be slow and can create loss to the stakeholders involved in it. In India the acute power shortage, voltage fluctuations, frequency variation, impulse surges, generation of spikes, earth leakage current, missing cycles, brown outs and black outs etc are the major power quality problems faced on both domestic and commercial end. These problems if not catered to will lead to major productivity issues and losses in the long run.
The ways to improve the prevailing power quality issues can be provided when issues are understood clearly like types of power quality issues, causes of power quality issues, technical support for understanding the issues etc are to be looked in to. Once these are sorted out issue based the below given tips can be used for improving the power quality in places of need.

1. The grounding and bonding of the computer based industrial system needs to be looked at for the better quality of power.
2. Proper wiring needs to be in place where the connections at panels, improper or loose connections needs to be checked, reversed polarity, open neutral or floating grounds needs to be checked for
3. Power conditioning equipment needs to be used for maintaining loads coming from the power grid to the equipments like Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors, Noise filters, Harmonic filters, Isolations Transformers, Voltage Regulators, Dynamic Voltage restorer, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Generators, etc

The above suggestions if used the quality of the power can be improved for the commercial as well as household usage.

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