Effects of high voltage and low voltage on eletricity bill

Effects of High /Low Voltage on Electricity Bill

In a commercial or individual unit, the voltage fluctuation is a cause of major blink in the electricity bill. The high or low voltage sabotages the performance of the electrical and electronic equipments in domestic and commercial units. The voltage drop in the domestic arena leads to increase in power consumption with high powered equipments and this happens to compensate the loss of the voltage.

In the same way when the voltage is high the stabilizer bucks the higher voltage to provide the equipments with the standard power, which again is done by drawing more power. In both the cases the power consumption is high and the electricity bill is set to soar higher in each case. The high voltage, if runs through the electrical and electronic devices without a stabilizer then it will damage the equipment. The stabilizer in place is kept safeguarding the equipment from both high and low voltage.

To reduce the effect of voltage alterations in the electrical and electronic devices like Fridge, Air conditioners, Computers, etc stabilizers are used to stabilize the incoming voltage, so that the devices are not sabotaged at any cost. The stabilizer in case of higher voltage binds the power supply and bucks the low voltage before it reaches the destination.

Though the occurrence in both the cases is different yet the result in both the cases is same as the function is to stabilize the inflow of voltage to the electrical and electronic equipments. Thus, the net result is the hike in the electricity bill due to fluctuations in the voltage in the electrical lines.

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