Protection of Commercial Appliances using Power protection systems

Power protection systems- Protection of Commercial Appliances

Power protection system is a part of electrical power engineering which deals with protecting the electrical systems which is faulted through the isolation of the faulted parts in the electrical network. The power protection system is in place to keep power system safe and stable by keeping the components faulted in isolation leaving rest of the system operative. Such systems which are used for protection needs to be used on a pessimistic and pragmatic approach to find and clear the faults attached in the system.

The Power protection system is in place with the aid of protection devices based on the protection components namely current and voltage transformers, protective relays, circuit breakers, batteries and communication channels within the system. In certain parts of the power system fuses are capable of sensing thereby disconnecting the faults in the system. The failures are to occur in any part of the system in operation which can be incorrect operation of circuit breaker, insulation failure, open circuits, broken or fallen transmission lines, short circuits etc. In such instances devising a protection system in place is essential in commercial appliances for ensured power supply and safe guarding of the assets of the organization.

The protective devices used in the commercial appliances are as follows:

1. Automatic Restart and close of the system in times of faults.
2. Protective relays that controls the tripping of circuit breakers that surrounds the faulted part of the system.
3. Switch gears are useful disconnect switches, circuit breakers or fuses to isolate the electrical equipment in fault.
4. Protective relays which trips the circuit breakers in the region of the fault
5. Monitoring equipment collecting the data as part of post event analysis.

The power protection system in place is for the safety of the equipment and the employees working in the environment. They are also economical in usage of the power when there is a fault in the system. This can be given in a commercial space through Generators, overload and backup for current, Earth fault, high- network transmission, low voltage networks etc. Thus, power protection system is an essential part to be onboard in commercial appliances to have a safe and long standing working experience.

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