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Definition of Power Quality as per IEEE 1100 - 2005 - Emerald Book The concept of powering and grounding electronic equipment in a manner that is suitable to the operation of that equipment and compatible with the premise wiring system and other connected equipment. To describe in brief, a power quality study involves a visual inspection of the site under study, installation of power analyzers at various locations to monitor power parameters, collecting data and interpret the same. Monitoring of energy related parameters at various points was carried out through portable power & harmonic analyzers.

Power Quality Analyzer Models Jupiter and NanoVIP3 and Power & Harmonic Analyzer Model NanoVIP Plus of Elcontrol Energy Spa, Italy were used for data collection and performance monitoring of various loads during the study. Power quality analyzers provide fast and accurate measurement of all standard parameters characterizing the power consumption of electrical loads, such as the TrueRMS values of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Powers, Power Factor/Cosø, and Energy.

The answer to Demand-Supply Gap is to reduce and optimize consumption of electrical energy, particularly in the industry. To achieve this effectively, we provide a range of instrumentation to monitor, collect, analyze and finally control the usage of electrical energy through modern energy management methods. Our product range to cater to these requirements is from one of Europe's market leader in electrical energy metrology. These Products are in the form of Panel Mount meters, Portable analyzers, and Handheld power analyzers. Panel mount meters may be networked to form a large data monitoring and control system leading to SCADA. This metering network is central to establishing effective cost control and optimum use of energy resources.