Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer:

Single Phase: 1 kVA - 25 kVA - Aircooled / Oilcooled

Three Phase: 3 kVA - 600 kVA - Aircooled / Oilcooled

An isolation transformer separates two circuits physically and electrically. It isolates and protects equipment and people from mains-powered electrical shock. Magnetic coupling is a method of transferring electrical energy from primary to secondary conductors.

Additionally, an isolation transformer prevents the secondary side or load equipment from being grounded, eliminating ground loop interference and noise effects on the load. Isolation transformers guard against voltage spikes, ground loops, and other power line distortions, saving not only costly equipment but also people's lives.

VERTEX Ultra Isolation Transformer employs a unique multiple shielding technique that reduces the interwinding capacitance to a large extent and increases the DC isolation.

Advantages of Using Isolation Transformers:

  • right-pointIsolation Transformers can be used as power supplies in sensitive equipment
  • right-pointThey can be used to generate a star point in grids that lack one
  • right-pointMany appliances cause high levels of interference to their power supply. Isolation transformers can be used to supply power to the equipment to protect it from the noise
  • right-pointThey can protect equipment from power disturbances such as voltage transients, spikes, DC leakage, shocks, and so on
  • right-pointThey can be used in sensitive equipment to provide an isolated neutral ground

Customised K-Rated Isolation Transformers:

The K-Rated Isolation Transformer is designed to handle high Harmonic currents with ratings of K4, K7, K13, K20. The higher the K-rating, the more harmonic current the transformer can handle.

Harmonic Distortion often causes the following symptoms:

  • right-pointMalfunctioning of microprocessor-based equipment
  • right-pointOverheating in neutral conductors, transformers or induction motors
  • right-pointDeterioration or failure of power factor correction capacitors
  • right-pointErratic operation of breakers & relays
  • right-pointPronounced magnetic fields near transformers & switchgear

Product Applications:

  • CNC Machine Tools, RoboticsCNC Machine Tools, Robotics
  • Laser Cutting MachinesLaser Cutting Machines
  • Textile & Garment MachinesTextile & Garment Machines
  • Food Processing & Packaging MachinesFood Processing & Packaging Machines
  • Printing MachinesPrinting Machines
  • Granite Cutting & Polishing MachinesGranite Cutting & Polishing Machines
  • Medical & Analytical EquipmentMedical & Analytical Equipment
  • Data Centres, UPS Bypass, Telecommunication, etcData Centres, UPS Bypass, Telecommunication, etc

Technical Specifications:

VERTEX Ultra Isolation Transformer (UIT) - Single Phase / Three Phase - Aircooled / Oilcooled

Parameters Single Phase UIT Three Phase UIT
Construction Indoor Purpose
Type of Transformer Dry Type, Floor Mounted, Indoor Application
Type Of Cooling Aircooled / Oilcooled (As per requirement)
Type of Connection /

Voltage Ratio

1:1 / 2:1 (As per requirement)
Delta / Star

1:1 / 2:1 (As per requirement)
Load Regulation < 3.5% @ 100% Load
Efficiency > 97%
Duty Cycle Continuous
Type of Lamination CRGO
Class of Insulation Class F
Dielectric Strength 2500 V for 1 min
DC Galvanic Isolation > 1000 M Ohms
CMNRR >100 dB
Short Circuit Protection MCB (OR) MCCB at Input (Optional)
Ambient temperature 0 - 50° C
Display Type Analog Voltmeter (Optional)
Front Panel Indications LED Indication -

Output ON
LED Indication -

Output ON R/Y/B Phases
Input / Output Connection Input / Output Terminal Plate (Nut-Bolt arrangement)
Surge Protection Device (SPD) Optional
Standard kVA Ratings 1 kVA to 25 kVA 3 kVA to 600 kVA
Design Standards As per IS: 2026 Part 1 & 11