Power Quality Solutions


Power Quality Awareness

has grown in importance in recent years. Power quality distortion causes increased wear and tear in all electrical supply equipment and negatively impacts associated electrical/electronic loads, which is a cause of worry for the cost centre as it may exacerbate production losses. With Vertex Power Quality Solutions, the power quality is constantly monitored, and instances of distortions are identified, saving precious machinery and components.


The most common power-related challenges faced by industries

  • iconVoltage Spikes and Surge
  • iconEnergy Waste
  • iconOver Heating
  • iconPower Fluctuation
  • iconPower Conditioning Problem
  • iconBlackouts
  • iconEarthling Problem
  • iconCapacitor Failure

Key steps involved in the Vertex power quality audit:

  • iconWalk-through audit in the plant
  • iconCheck and study the Energy Bill
  • iconConduct Power Audit
  • iconEstimate the reactive power demand
  • iconMeasure the Harmonics generation as per IEEE 519
  • iconLocate any fault in the network
  • iconDesign the appropriate solution for the plant
  • iconDiscuss the audit findings

VERTEX Power Solutions Pvt Ltd offer the following power quality solutions (Standalone or in combination):

  • iconActive Harmonic Filters (AHF)
  • iconPassive Harmonic Filter (PHF)
  • iconStatic VAR Generators
  • iconSurge Protection Device
  • iconEMI/EMC Filter
  • iconStatic Stabiliser/Servo Stabiliser
  • iconUltra Isolation Transformer/ K Rated Transformer
  • iconUPS

Active Harmonic Filter:

Product Range
415 Voltage Range 380V-480V 30A to 630A 3
690 Voltage Range 480V-690V 160A to 320A 3
690 Voltage l-Phase Range 480V-690V 400A to 800A 1