Power Management Solutions


Power Management Solutions

Power is growing more expensive with every EMRC review!! And just one of the three units produced at the power plant is usable, so there's that. As a result, buyers indirectly pay for three units while purchasing only one!! Due to the Power Quality issues, consumers are paying higher penalties on their energy bill!!

VERTEX Power Solutions Private Limited provides industry-leading solutions that intelligently control reactive power demand and reduce power usage. Our clever solution improves power quality, ensuring that the plant/commercial building operates smoothly, faultlessly, and continuously.


Vertex offers apt solutions to mitigate the following power-related issues:

  • iconHigh energy bills due to poor power factor (Leading/Lagging)
  • iconFluctuating load pattern in major loads such as VFD, UPS, LED Lighting etc., which generates higher harmonic current and abnormal voltage variations
  • iconHigher harmonics presence due to a higher number of non-linear loads
  • iconRising instances of failures of electronic cards, increased heating of transformer & cables and higher transformer losses, among others
  • iconUnbalance load due to diversity of loading, risking power connection termination

At Vertex, we undertake the following measures to optimize power management at your site:

  • iconPower Quality Audits
  • iconEnergy efficiency suggestions and solutions
  • iconEnabling right solution for the reactive power management
  • iconEffective control of lead and lag PF
  • iconPower Quality enhancement and Power Continuity Solutions

VERTEX assures a reduction of ~ 30% in your energy bill by suitably managing the reactive power. Our smart solutions offer a payback of less than 24 months, depending upon the load pattern. Additionally, Vertex power management solutions help maintain the harmonics as per International Standards (IEEE 519-2014).