Static Voltage Stabiliser (SVS)

Static Voltage Stabiliser (SVS):

IGBT based PWM technology with Digital Signal Processor (dsPIC) Control System

Single Phase Aircooled 3 kVA - 25 kVA

Three Phase Aircooled 3 kVA - 200 kVA

Static Voltage Stabiliser is a PWM-type buck-boost voltage stabiliser based on IGBTs with tight regulation and a fast correction speed. This stabiliser is a mains voltage stabiliser of the SMPS type (AC input and AC output) with a novel switching topology in which PWM is generated directly in AC-to-AC switching with no harmonic distortion. There is no need to convert the AC input to DC and then back to regulated AC output in this topology, simplifying the design, reducing the number of components, and increasing efficiency and reliability. The power stage is controlled by an IGBT chopper, and the chopping frequency is around 20 KHz, ensuring absolute silence and pure sine wave output (no waveform distortion). The difference voltage is switched via IGBT and is added or subtracted from the mains voltage. This is accomplished electronically, with no step changes in voltage when the system regulates, through a feedback control system and a digital signal processor (dsPIC). The dsPIC senses the output voltage and makes corrections by varying the duty cycle of the PWM.

Product USPs / Salient Features

  • iconDirect AC-AC conversion without rectifying to DC improves the efficiency and reliability and reduces the components
  • iconRapid cycle-by-cycle correction of output. It can correct sudden fluctuations in the line voltage
  • iconSmall transformer size (1/5th of the capacity) / Compact size and lightweight
  • icon20KHz PWM control
  • iconIGBT power stage. Highly reliable
  • iconFully solid state. No moving parts, hence more life & no maintenance
  • iconSilent operation

Product Applications:

  • CNC Machine Tools, Robotics, FabricationCNC Machine Tools, Robotics, Fabrication
  • Injection Moulding MachinesInjection Moulding Machines
  • Printing & Packaging MachinesPrinting & Packaging Machines
  • Office Automation, IT SectorOffice Automation, IT Sector
  • Hospitals, PharmaceuticalsHospitals, Pharmaceuticals
  • Research, Dental ClinicsResearch, Dental Clinics
  • Residential, Audio/VideoResidential, Audio/Video

Technical Specifications:

VERTEX Static Voltage Stabiliser (SVS) - Aircooled

Parameters Single Phase SVS Three Phase SVS
Construction Indoor Purpose
Type of Design IGBT Based PWM technology Static Servo Stabiliser with O/P sensing feed-back system
NA Independent Phase Control, Suitable for Unbalanced Loads
Type Of Cooling Aircooled
Input Voltage Range I/P: ±15 % / ±20 % / ±25 % of the designed O/P voltage I/P: ± 15 % / ± 20 % / ± 25 % of the designed O/P voltage
Input Frequency 47 Hz - 65 Hz
Output Voltage 230 V 1-Phase Settable - 220/240 V (L - N) 415 V 3-Phase Settable - 380/400 V (L - L)
Output Voltage Regulation ± 1 %
Control Design IGBT based PWM technology with Digital Signal Processor (dsPIC) Control System
Waveform Distortion NIL (Output Waveform same as Input Waveform)
Effect of Load PF on O/P Voltage NIL
Correction Speed 20000 V/ Sec max
Efficiency > 97%
High Voltage / Low Voltage Cut-Off Input High / Low Voltage Cut-off to trip Output Relay / Contactor

Output High / Low Voltage Cut-off to trip Output Relay / Contactor
Short Circuit Protection MCB (OR) MCCB at Input
Output Overload Protection Electronic Overload cut-off (CT based)
Phase Reversal Protection NA Built-in
Single Phasing Prevention NA Built-in
Display Type LED Display 20 x 4 Line Backlight LCD Display
Parameters Displayed I/P & O/P Voltage

O/P Amps
I/P & O/P Voltage (L-L & L-N)

O/P Amps (R-Y-B), % Load,

kVA, Hz, N-E Volts
Front Panel Indications LED Indication for -


LED Indication for -

Input Normal

Output Normal

Phase Fault

Event Recorder - Error Log for Fault Condition

(100 events log Storage)
Front Panel User Interface Menu / Set / Start / Stop Menu / Start / Stop / Log
Stabiliser “ON/OFF” Operation Manual Mode - Start / Stop

Auto Mode - User Settable
Input / Output Connection Input / Output Terminal Plate (Nut-Bolt arrangement)
Emergency Manual Bypass Optional Built-in
System Auto Bypass System bypass in case of IBGT current is more than the set value to protect the IGBT Controller
Output Relay / Contactor Built-in
Surge Protection Device (SPD) Class-B 25 kA
EMI / RFI Filter Optional
Operating Temperature 0° C to 50° C
Standard kVA Ratings 3 kVA to 25 kVA 10 kVA to 200 kVA

Custom Designed:

  • right-pointRatings above 25 kVA 1-Phase & 200 kVA 3-Phase
  • right-pointWide / Short input voltage range
  • right-pointSpecific output voltage